Larger sizes correspond to high frequency words
Signs that are phonologically related (share movement, major location, flexion, and selected fingers) are connected by lines and share the same color.
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Frequency Properties

  • Sign Frequency (M) Constrain
  • Sign Frequency (Z) Constrain
  • Sign Frequency (M, Native) Constrain
  • Sign Frequency (Z, Native) Constrain

Phonological Properties

  • Sign Type Constrain
  • Selected Fingers Constrain
  • Flexion Constrain
  • Major Location Constrain
  • Minor Location Constrain
  • Movement Constrain

Iconicity Properties

  • Iconicity (M) Constrain
  • Iconicity (Z) Constrain

Lexical Properties

  • Lexical Class Constrain
  • Compound Constrain
  • Initialized Constrain
  • Fingerspelled Loan Sign Constrain

Sub-Lexical Frequency Properties

  • Sign Type Frequency Constrain
  • Major Location Frequency Constrain
  • Selected Finger Frequency Constrain
  • Flexion Frequency Constrain
  • Movement Frequency Constrain
  • Handshape Frequency Constrain

Neighborhood Density

  • Minimal Neighborhood Density Constrain
  • Parameter-Based Neighborhood Density Constrain
  • Maximal Neighborhood Density Constrain

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