A data-driven tool for American Sign Language students and educators

Adaptive Huffman Coding

A scrollytelling walkthrough of the FGK Adaptive Huffman Coding algorithm

Our Drunken World

A visualization of alcohol consumption around the world and through time

Ultimate Convex Hull

A visual tool to teach the Kirkpatrick-Seidel ultimate convex hull algorithm

Analysis & Visualization

Various smaller data analysis and visualization projects

Optimizing Portfolio Risk

An attempt to optimize a financial portfolio's hedge ratio through risk

Road to the NHL Playoffs

A probabilistic model to simulate and predict the 2015 - 2016 NHL season


A simple register machine simulator to illustrate computational potential


A simple client-side JS wrapper for Spotify Web API


Course advisement application for Tufts SIS (from Polyhack 2015)

Drum Tab Visualizer

A 'Rock Band'-style visualization for drum tab made in C++ / Python

Song Search

A large-scale lyrical search database in C++ (from COMP-15)


ASCII versions of Minesweeper, Blackjack, and Battleship in Python


A simple ASCII sprite simulator built in C++ (from COMP-11)