GitHub is built on the fantastically useful Git. Many people may prefer to use the GitHub desktop app or through GitHub directly. However, most people, myself included, prefer to use Git directly from the command-line. So what if there was an equivalent alternative for other “Hub” sites like GrubHub? The answer to that question is the (thus far imaginary) idea of Grub, the command-line tool for GrubHub.

Basically, using similar syntax to Git, users can search and order food from local restaurants using the command line. Examples include:

// search database for food type or restaurant
grub search "burrito"
grub search "Bob's Burgers"

// add chicken burrito with cheese & sour cream
grub add order burrito-chicken -w {cheese, sour cream} 

// add burger without pickles
grub add order burger -wo pickles

// go to checkout and add payment information 
grub checkout

// place order
grub pull order

Obviously this idea is a little on the ridiculous side, but who says ridiculous ideas can’t be awesome? Hey, if gti init can be a thing, why can’t Grub? Check back for any future developments into the command-line food delivery service of the future.