For my final project of my data visualization class this semester, my team decided to explore alcohol consumption around the world and over time. There exist certain stereotypes about which countries drink which types of alcohol - the French with their wine, Russians and their vodka, etc. - and we wanted to build a platform to either confirm or debunk these stereotypes. In a greater sense, we hoped to explore when and how alcohol has been part of culture and history. And thus, Our Drunken World was born!

We used data for over 200 countries that was collected and compiled by the World Health Organization from 1960 - 2010. The visualization is built with D3.js, which is pretty awesome. I’m very glad I finally tried it out.

If you’re interested in exploring this world of alcohol, you can find the visualization here. You can also find the code here. Huge thanks to my team members, Jade and Rebecca!