This week marked the close of the Trump Presidency and throughout the week, different outlets have been recollecting all of the craziness that happened in the past four plus years. The New York Times prepared such a video and as I was watching, I realized how warped my memory and sense of time for these events had gotten. Some events felt like years ago but were only months ago. Some I didn’t remember at all even though they felt significant at the time.

Given the fact that January 2021 has already felt like a lifetime and 2020 felt like a thousand lifetimes, it is fairly well agreed upon that the ongoing pandemic and everything else has done a number on our sense of time. To test all of this, I put together a little memory exercise to see how well we all remember (or don’t remember) the endless-news-whirlwind that has been the Trump Presidency.

To answer, drag the slider to when you think the event occurred. To start, the slider will be positioned randomly along the timeline so don’t take that as a hint. Also don’t worry about getting it exactly right, I’ll give some partial credit.

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